Standing Seam Metal Roofing in Houston, TX

Although the initial cost of a metal roof tends to exceed that of a traditional shingle roof, it boasts several distinct advantages. The average composite roof tends to last approximately 15 years while a standing seam metal roof can endure up to three times longer. Standing seam metal roofs are more energy efficient, carry longer manufacturer warranties, are fire resistant, and could qualify you for significant insurance discounts. Similar to slate roofing material, a standing seam roof can easily raise the resale value of your home.

Our panel profiles

Acadian installs a variety of different residential and commercial standing seam roof panels including galvalume, kynar 500 finishes, and copper.

Our panel profiles are rolled on-Site using our portable trailer-mounted roll form machine. Each panel is UL Class IV impact resistant and approved by the Texas Department of Insurance for Zone 1, Zone 2, and seaward building areas capable of sustaining 130 MPH hurricane force winds.

Our standard snap-lock panels install 45% quicker and reduce the possibility of imperfections generated by hand-seamers used on older profiles.

Our standard panels are excellent for low-slope applications.

Our standard seam height is 1.5" tall and is available in 12-20” widths with or without striations.

Panels are cut to length on location with a computerized measuring device designed to reduce waste and transportation costs and mitigate messy on-site storage. In addition, the lack of on-site storage has been proven to reduce the risk of theft and damage.