The Waterproofing Process

Balconies provide unique aesthetic appeal, increase living space, and can even add resale value to your home; however, the waterproofing process is often overlooked by builders and homeowners alike. As one would expect, balconies and walkways are constantly exposed to the elements and require a great deal of protection to ensure they remain in good condition and are safe and suitable for the building’s occupants.

Acadian utilizes two distinct processes that begin with custom fabricated hand soldered flashings and door pans. Either a multi-layered cold modified bitumen or a concrete coating is applied over stainless steel lading and ice and water shield. The balcony is then ready for cosmetic products such as tile or a simple color or texture application.

Let us help you design a proper system or assist with the repairs of an existing balcony leak before it’s too late.

Why Choose Acadian

Our team has an acute familiarity with building codes and inspection requirements in Southern Harris County and other neighboring counties along the Texas Coast. Acadian is dedicated to helping you maintain the integrity of your structure with high-quality materials and expert installation by skilled technicians.