Skylight Installation Services in Houston, TX

Acadian is proud to have recently been named a Certified 5-Star VELUX Skylight installer. Many of the most cutting-edge homes have decided to incorporate skylights and sun tunnels into their construction and we believe for good reason. These are not the acrylic domes of the 1980’s. All VELUX products are double-paned argon gas filled laminated glass that reduce heat gain by as much as 64%. A skylight or sun tunnel reduces electrical lighting requirements and effectively decreases a home’s energy consumption. In many cases, this qualifies our customers for a tax credit! Skylights provide as much as twice the amount of light as a vertical window and can make any room feel larger. In addition, many of the skylights we offer remotely open and close to allow for ventilation and improved indoor air quality. While bathroom and kitchens are two of the most popular skylight locations, skylights and sun tunnels can easily change the look and feel of any room.

As a Certified 5-Star VELUX Skylight Installer, Acadian is able to offer a ten year no leak and hail damage warranty for our manual and automatic venting options.

What We Offer

Acadian proudly offers a variety of manual, electric, and solar-powered skylights and sun tunnels complete with numerous combinations of internal Venetian blinds, sun, or blackout shades. We can easily incorporate a skylight during the construction of your new roof or complete an installation after roof construction.

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Acadian is a Certified 5-Star VELUX Skylight Installer. Contact us today for a free convenient consultation.